Our current suite of assessments offers our clients a holistic yet integrative view of their candidates' results. We are continually evolving and will be adding new assessments to our current suite of products.

Our range of Personality Assessments

BECi     Behaviour, Emotional and Culture Intelligence.

A personality assessment consisting of behavioural, emotional and cultural constructs that measures work, interpersonal and diversity related competencies.

DIP     DISC Indicator Profile

A behaviour profile assessment measuring the four behavioural attributes of a participant where results are reported in DISC format (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance).

IPT     Individual Personality TYPE

A personality profile assessment measuring 16 personality TYPES

OPT     Organisational Personality TYPE

A facilitated assessment that measures the organization’s personality TYPE

Our range of Cognitive Assessments

MIRa     Matrices of Intellectual Reasoning Assessment

A measurement of cognitive capabilities and reports the participant’s potential to perform on various levels of complexity.

LAP     Learning Agility Profile

A measurement of the participants potential and speed to learn new information and adapt to changing situations

SKILL    Skills assessments

A battery of skills assessments measuring verbal and numerical skills, accuracy skills, mechanical reasoning skills, and driving skills


Our assessment platform is designed with the end user in mind. The system flow is intuitive and setting up projects takes less than a minute. Our system allows the user to customize reports to suit their needs. Reports can be downloaded separately, or alternatively downloaded as a combined report.

Job Success Profile

Our innovative Job Success Profile allows clients to select Impact and Essential job success competencies in the project setup stage, that automatically generates an Executive Summary report which will be included in the final report. A further option allows the user to add their own conclusion to the executive summary report, allowing the user to download a fully Integrated Report.


Sample Reports

Behavioural, Emotional and Cultural Intelligence (BECi)
Matrices of Intellectual Reasoning Assessment (MIRa)
Learning Agility Profile (LAP)
Individual Personality TYPE (IPT)
Organizational Personality TYPE (OPT)
DISC Indicator Profile (DIP)
Numerical Skills Test (NST)
Verbal Skills Test (VST)
Accuracy Skills Test (AST)
Mechanical Skills Test (MST)
Electrical Skills Test (EST)
Drivers Skills Test (DST)
Executive Summary (EXS)
Integrated Assessment Report (IAS)

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